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Ryan Taylor first guided Furano in 2010, long before it was on the radar. This was a time when the most obvious, lift accessed areas would go untouched throughout the season. Having skied for 25 years and studying Japanese since a young age, Ryan was quick to fall in love with Furano. This area is becoming more popular which makes having a knowledgeable guide increasingly valuable.

Ryan grew up in New Zealand's rugged Southern Alps. Since 2014, he has been prolific in achieving countless human-powered 1st ski descents deep in the backcountry. You can read about some of his adventures on his personal blog.


Ryan is a driven, semi-pro ski mountaineer supported by Earth Sea Sky. He is famous for hiking days in search of 1st ski descents in spectacular settings. - On a clear day in Furano, many large mountain faces are visible, Ryan has skied all of these and has progressed to pursuing lines in increasingly obscure places. Steep skiing aside, he loves exploring new areas and skiing the moderate powder that Hokkaido is famous for.


Ryan enjoys the rewarding process of sharing experiences with others through guiding and aims to inspire you to spend more time outside, appreciating nature and the amazing experiences it offers.

With a background in Geology and Cartography, Ryan is constantly studying maps and the lay of the land to find the best powder stashes for your soul. He uses the latest software to build his own private maps. He is an expert in route finding and planning trips to unexplored areas.


In recent years, Ryan has made expeditions to Greenland and Tajikistan twice. In May, 2019, his self-planned expedition to Tajikistan (supported by the Mt Everest Foundation, New Zealand Alpine Club and Black Diamond) was a huge success where multiple, unique lines up to 5300m were skied.

During the Border closures, Ryan was one of the few foreign guides still in Furano continuing his explorations, further increasing his edge and sharing amazing experiences with his friends and domestic clients. He is happy to welcome you back to Japan for a more social winter!

Ryan is usually booked out well before the season begins, if this is the case, he is happy to forward your requests to other long time local and/ or bilingual guides.

Ryan Taylor ski mountaineering in Greenland.
Ryan Taylor skiing in Tajikistan.
Ryan Taylor guiding and skiing deep powder in the backcountry of Furano
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