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From our Base in Furano, Central Hokkaido, we can access much of the best backcountry skiing on the island. We can take you to the popular, lesser known or even totally unheard of locations. If you have already skied Furano, you can bet that we will still show you new places.

We also guide many ski areas such as Furano, Kamui, Tomamu, Asahidake, Sahoro, and others that are within range of Furano. All of these ski areas have fantastic lift access backcountry and lift assisted ski touring. There is plenty of terrain appropriate for families and groups of all abilities. 

Below we advertise 3 frameworks as a guideline. All tours are private and fully customizable. Feel free to get in touch and we can talk about the possibilities. See the blog page for more information, destinations and inspiration.


Furano Backcountry Tours

Recommended. Experience the best resort and/ or backcountry skiing within range of Furano. This includes the famous Tokachi mountains and more hidden local powder stashes.


The Onsen Tour

An onsen-themed tour where we stay and ski near, around and to different onsens in the region. Onsens are hotpools, often with traditional style hotels built around them.


Backcountry Road Trip

Starting and ending in Furano, we will make a base in a new area. This tour format allows us to explore more distant locations than what we would from Furano. See few people.

If you are staying in Furano, we will pick you/ your group up and drop you off each day. The max allowed group size is  4. The best value is with larger groups although 3-4 is recommended. All tours are private meaning that we will not group you with strangers.

We can also teach avalanche courses, ski touring and other backcountry skills. Tell us about your experience, ability, what you are looking for and we can design the perfect trip for you. 


For quotes and inquiries get in touch via the contact page, give us a call or send us an email at

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